The “Gaultier” Dog Bed

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We’ve nicknamed this bed “The Gaultier”; for its retro yet modern & fun style. Homer is a male English Bulldog, shown here on our M-L bed. Our M-L beds will comfortably house any dog, up to the size of an American Boxer. Our L-XL beds, up to the size of a Great Dane. We also offer dog bed shams, you can purchase one for no-fuss stuffing removal; it’s great for your dog to camp out on while his/her bed is in the wash!

Please select from our drop-down menus, your choice of bed size.

M-L: 34″ x 26″ (85cm x 65cm)
L-XL: 41″ x 30″ (105cm x 75cm)


-Red and white striped cotton top
-Denim cotton bottom
-Water-resistant top
-Envelope fold-over design
-No zipper that may get chewed/ingested
-Fray proof seams & triple stitched stress points
-Machine washable

PLEASE NOTE: Our beds are not sold pre-stuffed. They are also made-to-order (unless in-stock & ready to ship). Please check our current production time here. We also invite you to visit our Terms & Conditions page, where you’ll find information about shipping and returns/exchanges.

Our Stuffing Suggestions:

-M/L beds fit 2 standard pillows, L/XL fit 2 queen size pillows.

-Old shredded clothing (your dog will love having your scent under his nose)
-Recycled polyester stuffing (mildew resistant and fast-drying)
-Old sleeping pillows
-Your dog’s retired bed

If you have further questions, we’re happy to help! Please go to our FAQ’s or contact us here.

FYI: Although we do our best to accurately represent fabric colors, internet colors may differ on your computer screen. The term “water-resistant” means: fabric designed to resist but not entirely prevent the penetration of water; for example, due to their tightly woven nature.

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