As with anything in your home, please do not leave your dog unattended with our collars, leashes or bow ties; where it might give them the opportunity to damage or ingest parts of it. We also recommend that you make it a habit to inspect your purchases from time to time for any wear & tear, in case some taste-testing was had while your back was turned. We’re serious when it comes to the quality of our goods; we triple stitch all stress-points to ensure your dog’s safety and the durability of our craftsmanship.

Are your collars okay for cats?

No. Cat collars have safety release buckles due to a cat's acrobatic ninja & tree climbing nature. Our collars are not equipped for cats. Please do not purchase our dog collars if you intend to put it on your feline friend.

I have an idea. Do you do custom orders? How about bulk or wholesale trade?

We sure do! Just send us a message with your needs and we'll go from there.

Are your products machine washable and dryer safe?

Beds, Collars & Leads: Hand or machine wash with like-colors on a gentle cycle in COLD water and let AIR DRY. Beds can be AIR TUMBLE dried. Iron on low - medium heat setting, do not iron the nylon webbing on our collars or leads.
Bow Ties: Hand wash in COLD water or spot clean and let AIR DRY. Iron on a low - medium heat setting.

Are all the Bow-ties one size fits all?

Nope. Our Bow ties come in S, M & L. Bow tie sizes are proportionate to the size of our collars. As with the collar sizing, you will use our drop-down menu to select your desired bow tie size, as well as your dog's breed (or closest to it).

How do I measure my dog for a bed?

With some scotch tape, measure out our bed's dimensions on your floor and ask your dog to have a seat/lay down in the designated measured area. You can also use a blanked and fold it to match our bed's dimensions. If you have a small dog and want to treat them to a King-sized bed, or to invade his/her space in comfort from time-to-time; then go big! We also make custom sizes, so if you need a S-M bed or have a certain somewhere in your home that you'd like a bed fitted to, just drop us a note with your needs/queries.

Please note that our beds are not sold stuffed: Our M-L beds fit 2 standard size pillows for stuffing. Our L-XL beds fit 2 queen size pillows.

Our Stuffing Suggestions:

-Old shredded clothing (your dog will love having your scent under his nose)
-Recycled polyester stuffing (mildew resistant and fast-drying)
-Old sleeping pillows
-Your dog's retired bed
-Looking to purchase a pillow insert? Find what you need, here: http://www.wholesalepillowinserts.com/index.php

How do I measure my dog for a collar?

You will need a measuring tape to determine the neck circumference. To take a comfortable measurement, wrap the tape around the neck where the collar usually sits naturally. A good rule of thumb is to be able to slide your index and third finger flat in between the tape measure and your dogs neck; please provide us with the measurement in inches. Use string if you don't have a soft tape measure, then measure the string with a ruler. Our collars are adjustable and there's no need to add extra inches to your measurement, we always leave a little wiggle room.

How do I know that I’m buying the right size collar for my dog?

Our collar sizes range from S - XL. We have sizing standards available in each listing to help guide you through choosing the appropriate collar width for your dog. You will need to measure and select your dog's neck circumference and desired collar width from our drop down menus in the listing. If however you are still unsure, just send us a note, we are happy to help you with your purchase.